Resolve Alopecia Areata with Nutritional Immunology

Build your immune system and resolve the root cause of autoimmune alopecia areata.

NO pharmaceutical drugs, steroids, diet protocol, hair growth vitamins, or hair growth products. 

1 Alopecia Recovery Nutrition on Natural Alopecia Wellness
Start by nourishing your immune system with a wide variety of wholesome plant foods rich in phytochemicals, antioxidants, and micronutrients.
2 Immune Modulation on Natural Alopecia Wellness
Support your body's immune modulation abilities - restoring the balance of the immune function - by consuming polysaccharides from various mushrooms.
3 Essential Oils Treatment on Natural Alopecia Wellness
Use natural ingredients like essential oils and ginger juice instead of chemical-laden products which add burden to your system without providing any real benefits.

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